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Virutex EB 25 kantlimer for forlimede kantmateriale

Virutex EB 25 kantlimer for forlimede kantmateriale

Virutex have gained a well earned reputation manufacturing edgebanding machines.It introduces its complet range of edgebanding machines, from the most simple machine to the most performant model.

For panel edgebanding with preglued PVC, melamine and veneer. Automatic edge feeding system. Trimming on both sides. Motorized top and bottom trimming unit. Front edge trimming, rear flush cutting of the tape. No compressed air or dust collector required. Powerful hot air system with electronic temperature control. Minimum heat up time (2min.). Belt feeder for automatic workpiece.

Standard equipment

AK97N Motorized trimming unit Panel holder extension

Input power:3.000 W
Min. edging thickness:11 mm
Max. edging thickness:50 mm
Electronic temp. Control:0-500°C
Work speed:4,2 m/min
Voltage (1-ph):220 V
Dimensions:1.720 x 950 x 1.350 mm
Weight:117 Kg