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Virutex EB 150 kantlimer for forlimede kantmateriele

Virutex EB 150 kantlimer for forlimede kantmateriele

Virutex have gained a well earned reputation manufacturing edgebanding machines.It introduces its complet range of edgebanding machines, from the most simple machine to the most performant model.

Edgebanding machine with ZeroLine® technology by hot air. Thanks to this technology the banding between the panel and the tape is practically perfect, with a seamless joint. The result is an edgebanding of high quality.
Quick adjustment and starting. In only 2 minutes the machine is ready to start to work.

It is possible to band acrilic and lacquered boards.

For PVC & ABS tapes with coextruded or postprocessed active layer.
For tapes up to 2 mm thickness.

Equipped with an automatic feeder.
Trimming unit with digital adjustment. Possibility to trim with different radius or 10º chamfer. Excellent finishings without adhesive residue due to the double flat scraper. Automatic front and rear flush cutting.

The EB150 works with low pressure air. It does not need a high performance compressed air system.

Equipped with auxiliary rollers on the banding to achieve the optimum pressure of the panel against the banding unit. This ensures a correct banding.

The EB150 must be connected to an external dust collection system like our dust collector model AS382L (optional)

Standard equipment

Belt feeder unit
Motorised top and bottom trimming unit
Flat scrapers at both sides of the panel
Front and rear flush cutting
Table extension

Bits included as standard equipment
8540183 Upper bit Ø 60 Z4, r:2, 10° bevel
8540184 Lower bit Ø 60 Z4, r:2, 10° bevel

Tape thickness:0,8 – 2 mm
Min/max panel thickness:13/45 mm
Min. panel length/width:140/102 mm
Panel feeder speed:4 m/min
Trimming unit speed:10000/min
Trimming bits Ø60 mm 4Z R2+10º
Roller holder capacity590 mm
Optional bits
8540185 Upper bit Ø 60 Z4, 45° bevel
8540186 Lower bit Ø 60 Z4, 45° bevel

Operating instructions
Spare parts drawing
Safety instructions