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Virutex AG 98 kantlimer for forlimede kantmateriale

Virutex AG 98 kantlimer for forlimede kantmateriale

Hand Held Hot Air Edgebander
AG98F (230V) max. 1,0 mm kanttykkelse
AG98R (230V) max. 2,0 mm kanttykkelse
AG98E (230V) max. 4,5 mm kanttykkelse


Virutex have gained a well earned reputation manufacturing edgebanding machines.It introduces its complet range of edgebanding machines, from the most simple machine to the most performant model.

Virutex Portable, Hot Air Edgebander it’s the only manual bander with tracking of tape on the board. It’s suitable for use with most types of preglued edging, easily applying pre-glued PVC, polyester, melamine, and wood veneer of up to 2″ wide (50mm).

This light weight portable edgebander has long proved to be popular for site and workshop alike.

The unit applies heat direct to preglued edging material ensuring the best possible application and bonding. A set of rubber clamps hug the board so you can get the most accurate tracking of the tape on the board. This hand held portable edgebander it’s perfect for circular and shaped pieces with a minimum internal radius of 20mm. Its easy adjustment and application makes it the best portable edgebander on the market.

It’s supplied with practical edge trimming system.  Set up time is less than one minute. Two step temperature switch: Step one: 300C or 570F; Step two: 525C or 1,000F. Air delivery: 400 L/min. or 16 CV. feet/min.

Model AG98F is a Virutex basic portable edgebander, which applies edge up to 1 mm thick. Virutex also produces other models with more capacities. AG98R is a portable edgebander that can apply preglued edge up to 2 mm thick. Also in catalogue special model AG98E which has the same features as edgebander AG98F, but with extra lap banding guide, which allows to edgeband the internal sides of doors, grooves or jamb cut outs.



Double insulation
Input power                                              : 1500 W
Max. båndbredde                                    : 50 mm (type E kun 40 mm)
Min. båndtykkelse                                   : 0.4 mm
Max. båndtykkelse (F)                              : 1 mm
Max. båndtykkelse (R)                              : 2 mm
Max. båndtykkelse (E)                              : 4,5mm  (sidestyr kun på en side)
Temperature I                                           : 570F (300°C)
Temperature II                                          : 1,000F (525°C)
Air delivery                                                 : 16 CV. feet/min (400 l/min)
Weight                                                         : 6 lbs (2.7 Kg)