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The compact window machining centre comprises CNC controlled tenoning and profiling shafts. The machine is controlled by a BECKHOFF industrial PC running specialised control software with an operator interacting with the machine via a 12″ touch screen panel. The machine has been succesfully integrated with professional joinery software from Klaes and recently from Joinerysoft.

The CRAFTER CNC machining centre has been developed for small workshops focused on special types of windows, doors and conservatories.

New innovations – Machining Centre CRAFTER with new software and shaft position control

The UK SERIES is specially designed for manufacture of British windows.  It is the only machine on the market optimized not only for casements but also for sliding sashes. The horizontal milling unit can easily provide the typical horns on sashes or trench slots for pulley stiles. The effective manufacturing of traditional boxes for sliding sashes includes the cutting operation for lining beads, pulley stiles, head and cill. A list of all components can be downloaded from the office design environment allowing the operator to easily supervise machining of the window components.

Integrating the CRAFTER with our WinCreator software offers you a new level of workshop organization. The capacity is about 15-20 one-leaf casements, 30-40 single sashes or 8-12 complete sliding sash windows.