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Omec F 14 vinkelanlæg med gennemløb

The OMEC F14 automatic double sided milling machine was designed for chamfering and cutting operations on wooden boxes before fitting hinges and fasteners, aswell as rebating sliding lids and groove for a finger pull in the lid. The OMEC F14 model features one infeed conveyor, a primary set of spindles, a crossfeed positioner and a secondary set of millers mounted at 90° degrees to the first set. The milling line is equipped with 16 electrospindles, 12 of which are dedicated to chamfering and cutting boxes. The additional 4 spindles mill the rebates for sliding lids. The feeding of the boxes and lids aswell as the clamping and positioning are controlled automatically with the controls located at the front of the machine.The F14 model was designed to deliver maximum flexibility and speed. All the adjustments are easily operated manually and accurately by positional indicators.


On board machine installed power Kw 17
Working pressure MPascal 0,7
Suction flow required m3/h 6500
Electrical spindle 16
Electrical spindle revolutions n/1′ 9000/12000
Boxeslids production n/h 600
Machine weight kg 1770
Packed machine weight kg 870+870+330
Over-all dimensions (l x w x h) cm 354x304x170
Machine packing dimensions cm 160x130x180


Min Max
Box Length 98mm 600mm
Box Width 95mm 600mm
Box Height 30mm 450mm
Cutting Height 10mm 70mm
Lid width 95mm 600mm
Lid length 98mm 600mm
Lid thickness 8mm 15mm
Groove depth 0mm 12mm