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Reignmac RMM 623 SS kehlemaskine vertikal multisave høvlebredde/højde 230×200 mm

Kehlemaskine med 2 vertikale savspindler.

  • Technical parameter

Technical parameter Product characterist Details

Specification& type RMM623SS
Working width(mm) Min. For main machine 20
Max. For main machine 230
Min. For saw unit 60
Max. For saw unit 200
Working thickness(mm) Min. 20
Max. 200
Min. thickness of slice(mm)  5
Number of spindles 6
Milling cutter shaft speed (r/min)/ saw shaft speed (r/min) 6000/4000
Cutting circle (min-max)(mm) First bottom spindle Φ110 – Φ145
Right spindle Φ110 – Φ200
Left spindle Φ110 – Φ200
Top spindle Φ110 – Φ200
Right saw unit Φ180 – Φ300
Left saw unit Φ180 – Φ300
Spindle diameter (mm) Spindle Φ40
Saw unit Φ50
Motor power(kW) First bottom spindle 11kW/15HP
Right spindle 11kW/15HP
Left spindle 11kW/15HP
Top spindle 11kW/15HP
Right saw unit 22kW/30HP
Left saw unit 22kW/30HP
Feed 0.75kW/1HP×2
Assist feed 0.75kW/1HP
Total capacity of installed motor(KW) 97.75kW/133HP
Speed(m/min)(inverter for feed)  6-30
Dust pipe diameter(mm) Φ150
Dust pipe diameter(mm) Φ150
Overall machine dimensions(LxWxH)(mm)  4800×1950×196
Weight(tons approx)(T)  5.3

Note:Any variation to the specification above mentioned will not be further notified since the product specification and designs keeps on changing all the time.

RMM623SS slice saw Outstanding character:

  1. The machine has four side planningr and slice double functions which can save time and enhance capacity effectively.
  2. Working thickness up to 200mm, to satisfy the great strength of needs for processing range of preservative wood and wooden plywood.
  3. Equipped with four groups of driving slave feeding rollers of feeding system out-feed end, which make the workpieces after slicing can out-feed smoothly.
  4. Inverter feed speed of 6-30m/min.

5.Individual motor to each spindle to ensure maximm cutting.

  1. Two high precision bearings for supporting of the front and backward of the spindle, it is more suitable for heavy cutting.
  2. All spindle adjustments are carried out in front of the machine for convenience.
  3. Hard chormb treament has been adopted for the durability of work table surface.
  4. Equipped with shaft cooling and cleaning function,itcan increasing the life of saw blades and ensure the precision of cutting.
  5. Chain-wheel box is equipped for advancing feeding performance.
  6. A group of side pressure wheels on the right side of the left spindle, adjusted the pressure flexible by pneumatic.
  7. As our standard, short pieces device with pneumatic double-direction( press and raise) , you can make the workpieces feeding or back in anytime.
  8. Pneumatic pressure loaded to top feed rollers separately adjustable, for easy of feeding stock with variation in thickness.
  9. Multiple sets of driving bed rollers for enhancing feeding performance.
  10. Adjustable out-feed side pressure board which can more satisfy the smothly output of different thickness of the wood.
  11. Manual oil pump lubrication for working table and saddle,it is convenience for control.
  12. Configuring dual anti-rebound device in front of the feeding entrance , effectively prevent the rebounding of the wood.
  13. Adopting electric component from international class with steady quality.
  14. Sealed safety enclose to reduce noise levels, improve extraction and operator safety