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Pematech machinery høvlejernsslibemaskine 1700 – 3000 mm magnet



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Priser fra kr.75.000,00 ekskl. moms. og levering





1.Available with grinding lengths ranging from 1700 mm to 3100 mm, or longer for special grinding purposes.
2. Blade grinding machine features a heavy-duty reinforced machine base which gives the maximum stability.
3.PLC controls the carriage movement during the various stages of the working cycle.
4.Suitable for a broad range of industrial straight knives, such as crusher knife blade, chipper knives blades, granulator blades, veneer knives blades, guillotine blades and paper knives.
5.Rotating magnetic chuck from 0 to 90 (Polarity 20 mm)
6.Grinding motor 5.5 kW (7HP)
7.Variable carriage speed from 1 to 30 m/min with carriage run adjustment
8.Automatic grinding wheel down-feed
9.Programmable work cycles: roughing, finishing, spark-out;
10.Grinding wheel quick up and down approach, and slow down approach
11. Separate coolant collection tank fitted with 90W motor pump

– Abmessungen L=3120, B=1100 mm, H=1600 –
– Abmessungen L=3700, B=1100 mm, H=1600
– Gewicht 2000 kg
– Gewicht 2500 kg

– Mehrpreis für Linearführungen in X-Achse EUR 1.900,-
– Topfscheibe Ø 205 x 115 x 145 mm EUR 75,-
– NCH Storm Base Entfetter mit Korrosionsschutz 2,5 Liter Kanister EUR: 59,-
(Mischungsverhältnis 1:40 mit Wasser, ausreichend für 100 Liter)