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Omec SCA 1200 automatisk skuffepresse

Omec SCA 1200 automatisk skuffepresse..

The OMEC SCA1200 7-axes automatic clamping machine with numeric control has been designed to assemble curved and straight drawers with five separate elements with dovetail joints . The machine can assemble drawers with or without the bottom. The SCA1200 automatically adjusts the position of the clamps according to drawer’s dimensions and shapes. The machine can , in fact, assemble curved symmetrical and asymmetrical drawers, with concave, convex and mixed front bent boards . This machine is supplied with a vacuum system allowing to keep the drawer’s bottom in position. The machine is controlled with a pushbutton panel and a touch screen control panel. The SCA1200 is controlled by numeric control programmed for the greatest working flexibility,  allowing to modify within the operating limits the following variables :

  • the drawers’ width
  • the sides’ length
  • the central drawers’ length
  • the position of the vacuum unit to hold drawers’ bottom
  • the bottom groove’s position

All the adjustments can be easily performed by following the instructions provided directly by the software on the display of the machine.



On board machine installed power Kw 4
Working pressure MPascal 0,7
Drawers’ production output n/h 100
Machine weight kg 980
Packed machine weight kg 1180
Over-all dimensions (l x w x h) cm 160x220x180
Packing dimensions cm 180x240x200




Min Max
Drawer Width 230mm 1200mm
Drawer Depth 50mm 350mm
Drawer Height 230mm 600mm
Front Projection 0mm 30mm