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Nikmann T 1004 fræser

Nikmann T 1004 fræser

Fixed cast-iron working table with grinded surfaceNontilting spindleSupport (pro-tector) for the tool for profiling with maximal diameter ø180 mm. Vertical and horizontal clamping deviceSupport safety guides with total length 700 mm and height 155 mmDiameter of the opening in the working table ø190 mm. 4 speeds of rotation. Dust collection ports with diameter Ø 120 mm – under and over the working tableElec-tronic brake for electrodynamic stopping. Mounted device for spindle blocking while replacement the tool. Electric blocking the start of the machine while replacement the tool through an electric limit switch. Electric blocking the start of the machine by the change of revolutions through an electric limit switch


   T 1004

Working table dimensions, mm 1000 x 500
Working table height from the floor level, mm 850
Distance between the front part of the working table and the spindle center, mm 285
Spindle diameter, mm ø 30
Working height of the spindle, mm 125
Vertical movement of the spindle, mm 160
Diameters of the holes in the working table, mm ø190-ø160-ø105-ø65
Spindle revolutions, min-1 8000 / 6000 / 3500/ 1400
Max. tool diameter for profiling, mm ø  180
Max. diameter/depth of the tool moving under the working table surface, mm ø180/h=75
Motor power, 3-phases, 50Hz, kW (HP) 2.2 (3.0 )
Support safety guides 2 x 350 mm
Dust collection port diameter, mm
–  over the working table ø 120
–  under the working table ø 120
Overall dimensions L x W x H (without the protector and clamping device), mm 1000x  500 x 850
Weight, kg 195


Support safety guides, mm 500
Integral safety guides, mm 350, 500
Extension tables from the left and the right sides, mm 500×320
Spindle diameter

Diameter / usable height, mm

ø 1 1/4 “/ 125 , ø 32/ 125,  ø 35/ 125
Carriage and miter fence with extension