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Nikmann S315/S315A formatrundsav

Nikmann S 315 formatrundsav

Nikmann S 315A  formatrundsav er med elektrisk klingebevægelser

Aluminum sliding table with hardened steel high-precision guidesTelescopic fence 1500 mm with two turnable supportsStable movable frame for machining of heavy flatnessRip fence with micrometric adjustmentSaw blade tilt to 45° with scale reportNew design of the constuction.

Saw blade diameter – max /min Ø 315/ Ø 250
Spindle diameter, mm Ø 30
Working table dimensions, mm 800 x 550
Sliding table dimensions, mm 2300 x 350
Maximal length of cut with scoring unit, mm 2150
Maximal width of cut with the rip fence, mm 950
Maximal height of cut 90°/45°, mm
– With disk Ø 315 mm 102 / 72
– With disk Ø 250 mm 70 / 49
Motor power, kW (HP) 3.0 (4.0)
Spindle speed, min-1 4000
Dust collection port diameter, mm Ø 120
Weight, kg 480
Required area, m 6,0 x 7,0


Scoring unit with:
Saw blade diameter, mm Ø 120
Spindle diameter, mm Ø 20
Spindle speed, min-1 8000
Motor power, kW (HP) 0.75 (1.0)
Motor power main circular, kW (HP) 4.0 (5.5)
Sliding table, L ,mm 1600, 2544,2743, 3000,3200
   Maximal width of cutting with scoring unit, mm 1270, 2400,2640, 2900,3100
Maximal width of cut with the rip fence, mm 1270,1500
Dust extraction pipe with hose
Dust extraction box with hose
Miter fence