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Nikmann KZM 9 kantlimer for runde og lige emner

Nikmann KZM 9 kantlimer

The machine designed for will stick round edges to a plane about rectilinear and curvilinear surfaces, for edges with thickness from 0,4 mm up to 3,0 mm and thickness plates from 10 mm up to 50 mm. The machine is equipped with two gluing shafts. The edging and the board are glued separately and at the same time. The desktop can be adjusted in height and angle. The edged surface of the board can be inclined at 45° – 90° degrees. The board is generally fed manually by pressing against the glued edge and the guide roller. There is a carrier for the edging roll and the option to preheat the edging. The control of the machine, the temperature, the feed rate and the air is carried out with a PLC controller.


KZM 9 

Min./ Max. height of plane, mm 10 – 50
Thickness an edge, mm 0,4 – 3
Feeding speed (infinitely variable),  m/min 0-8
Minimal radius curvature, mm 20
Tilt of the work table, о 0 – 45
Heating temperature, о С 0 – 250
Total installed capacity, kW 2.75
Operating air pressure, bar 6.5
Weight, kg 300
Overall dimensions, mm L x B x H 1925х1080×1450