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Nazzareno pillefabrik store anlæg

Nazzareno fremstilling af store pillefabrikker.

Our story begins

Times were different and the sector, although complementary, was a far cry from what it is today. Carlesso Nazzareno, the company’s founder, already had twenty years’ experience constructing suction/extraction and filtering systems.
At the end of the ‘80s, driven by his passion and sense of sacrifice, he decided to go with the market trend and set up a new company specialised in making machinery that transformed biomass into fuel and renewable energy.

The determination to pursue the company’s goal has been handed down from one generation to the next and in 2000 the company went from small artisan reality to an industrial scale business, becoming increasingly specialised. Carlesso’s sons, Alberto and Enrico, took over the running of the company, bringing with them a breath of fresh air. They preserved the experience, commitment and pursuit of quality that had been the company’s cornerstones and introduced an innovative mindset to keep up with the times.

Industrial complete pellet plants

Over 25 years of business, Costruzioni Nazzareno has become a leader in Europe in the design and construction of “turn-key” plants for processing waste from industrial processes.

Costruzioni Nazzareno works to build its plants in order to provide the customer with maximum support, carefully assisting the customer from the very initial stages, developing the project according to the following stages.