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Joos Finerpresse med og uden gennemløb

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Joos gennemløbspresse type DLP

Throughfeed-Press DLP 120/OK
The press is open on two sides, designed in solid all-steel construction and safeguarded
against overloading. The maintenance-free hydraulic unit is installed into the oil tank.
Guards are firmly fixed between the press columns. The infinitely variable pressure
setting is affected by the Interface. After having reached the set pressure, the unit
switches off automatically. The pressure is constantly kept up during the entire pressing
time. The twofold tooth rack guidance system as well as the solid rectangular guides
ensures the parallel movement of the pressing table.
Technical specifications:
Total pressing force 1200 kN
Total pressing surface 3150 x 1350 mm
Specific pressure at full charge 2,8 daN/cm² (kg/cm²)
6 single-acting cylinders 90 mm diameter 200 mm stroke
Height of the pressing area 200 mm
Operating hydraulic pressure 270 bar
Pressing belt speed in start-up /run out approx. 5 m/min.
Pressing belt speed in throughfeed approx. 22 m/min.
Closing speed approx. 30 mm/sec.
Loading width 1350 mm