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Kædesave stationære og mobile.
Piccolo 1600 mm, (kan efter ønske leveres med 1900 mm for pakketræ 1200×1200 mm)
Kappstar 1900 mm,
Kappstar 1900 mm benzinmotor

Piccolo: 10.0 hK                              Kappstar: 15.0 hK                             Kappstar: benzin

Video af alle typer

Tekniske data for Piccolo, &  Kappstar Mobil kædesav

Motor: 7,5 kW eller 11 kW
Motor/Engine: electrisk eller benzin
Standard pakkestørrelse (bredde x højde): 120x120cm
Større  dimensions available: yes
Cut feed: manual
Guiding of the cut: stabilisers
Saw type: mobile saw
Chain types: scraper, chipper or carbide tipped chain
Guide bar: solid steel, stellite inlay
Cutting performance: 2min/m²
Advancing system wood/saw: manual
Log/saw drive: manual
Measuring device available: no
Control system: manual
Applications: clean cuts on packages and logs, cutting on the spot