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Gannomat CNC dyvelisætter

CNC drill and dowel inserting machine for fully automatic bore, glue and dowel driving.
The drill glue and dowel machining center with compactness, efficiency, quality and flexibility.

Short introduction:
• Precise drilling and dowelling with fast cycle times
• Universal CNC controlled drilling and dowel inserting machine
• Glue shot monitoring via GIC
• Closed gluing system
• Suitable for panel and solid wood processing
• Optional additional horizontal and vertical drilling spindles
• Optional additional units for grooving and routing
• Lowerable stops for flexible and optimized parts handling, also for larger workpieces (option)
• Relieves CNC machining centers
• Optimal complement to nesting machines and CNC machining centers
• Lamello P-System package for routing of Lamello P-System pockets for Clamex, Clamex Flexus, Tenso, Bisco, Divario
• Assistance-System Easy.ClampPosition with LED display as a setup aid for clamp positioning
Universal application:
• Furniture and cabinets parts or case good parts
• Tops, bottoms
• Small and narrow parts
• Drawers
• Frame parts
• Frame components
Configuration / Equipment / Options:
• Different max. workpiece widths or machine lengths
• Horizontal drilling, grooving (option) and routing (option)
• Horizontal glue and dowel insertion
• Vertical drilling and grooving from top (option)
• Glue and dowel unit
• Additional glue and dowel stations (option)
• Glue shot monitoring (option)
• 4 working fields for optimal placement for up to 4 workpieces
• Lowerable stops (option)
• 45° stops e.g. for 45° frame machining (option)
• 3 NC axes (Y and Z are options)
• Computer controlled central lubrication
• Automatic workpiece measurement (option)
• Lamellar curtain as protective device (option)
• Clamping system for narrow parts and wooden strips (option)
• Swiveling unit 0°-45° e.g. for miter case goods (option)
• Hardware insertion (option)
• Fast machining through strong drilling power
• Flexible for large and small batch sizes
• Precision through machining at one clamping
• Very compact machine design
• Solid and stable construction
• Simple user interface for fast program creation
• Optimized machine through individual equipment and options