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Casolin FX 46 pladeopdelingsanlæg rundsavens afløser kipbar klinge 0° – 46°

Casolin FX-46 med kipbar klinge 0 ° to 46 °

Rundsavens afløser:

Horizontal beam and panel saw with tilting blade and fece for tilting cuts. Robust, high quality machine also equipped with scoring blade
Cutting length 3800 mm- Parallel guide 1300 mm
5 high stops for cutting packs of panels.Electronic hanging control panel mounted directly on the machine base and displaceable in all work positions.
The movement of the parallel guide is continuous on all 1300mm or 2100mm of stroke and can be used as a motorized pusher to push the already cut panels towards the operator.
With the optional 2100mm long parallel guide you can completely insert the entire standard 3650x2100mm format panels and use it as a panel saw.

High control panel, suspended , and sliding over the entire work area.
8 inch color touch screen control, also usable with worn work gloves.
Positioner for parallel guide axis, Positioner for blade inclination axis, Special operation and axis control cycles also in manual mode.

Manual adjustment of the forward speed. Automatic device to decrease the forward speed when the 7.5 KW main motor of the saw exceeds the nominal power.

Maximum working ergonomics for the operator as the blade is only 455mm from the front of the machine where the operator rests to cut and remove small pieces.

Machine worktops in special plastic material with a peel-like surface for easy handling of heavy panels with a high surface hardness to prevent damage to the tops and the sliding of the panels being processed. Made in Italy


Tekniske Data:

Skærelængde: 3.800 mm
Maks. skæredybde: 101 mm ved 90° / 70 mm ved 45 °
Klingestørrelse: ø 350 mm, boring 30 mm.
Omdrejninger for klinge: 4000 rpm
Motor: 10,0 HP
Skærehastighed: 2 – 100 m / min.
Vægt: ca. 1300 kg
Krav til lufttryk: 6 bar
Udsugningsstudse: 1 x 100 mm. 1 x 120 mm


  • Possibility of reducing the cutting height for the groove function from 0 to 13mm adjustable with a handwheel and digital display of the measure
  • Scoring blade diameter 120-125mm – 8300 rpm – 0.75 KW motor
    Scoring adjustment with 2 handwheels and 2 digital viewers of the measure.
    Blade inclination from 0 ° to 46 °.