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CASOLIN Avant 1100


Wide belt sanding machine Casolin model Avant 1100.
Machine available in 4 versions:
– Combined roller/pad 1 belt (KRT)
– Separate roller and pad 2 belts (R+T)
– Roller / Roller (R+R)
– Roller/ Roller and pad combined. (R+KRT)
Standard machine equipment:
Check control on the panel- Front and back extension work table with 3 rubber rollers- 2 speed belt feed motor controller by control board



  • Usable working width 1100 mm
  • Minimum working height 3 mm
  • Maximum working height 150 mm
  • Abrasive belt development 2150 mm
  • Belt size 2150×1140 mm
  • Feed speed 6-12 mt/min
  • Feed motor 0,37-0,55 Kw

Ekstra udstyr:

• Floating input rubber press roller with safety
• Floating central and output steel press roller;
• Automatic star-delta;
• Piece thickness measuring device and operating table height digital display;
• Direct roller brake device;
• Electronic control of the belts by means of
infrared rays photoelectric cells;
• 2 speed belt feed motor controlled by control
• Front and back extension work table with 3
rubber rollers;
• Construction in conformity with current EC
• Check control on the panel.

Dust remover brush, Tinex coarse nsander, steel coarse sander
_Scotch brite or satin finish sander
_Sanding roller
_Steel or rubber calibrating roller
_Polishing pad